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Paid Ad or Free Ad Which is Bettet?


Everyday all over  the world , thousands of new websites are being added every day. They need advertising. The Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to the home-based or small business owner wanting to reach a global market. All of these people are technically a business Lead for Small and Upcoming Businesses as well as Large Corporate Houses. How they reach out to the millions of people across the world depends upon the strategy they wish to initiate. And this is where the dilemma crops up for Up-Starts and Small Companies, whether to use Free Advertising or Paid Advertising. 

The benefits of online advertising:

1.) Cost efficiency

Your online ads will be viewed by millions of people, 24 hours a day. And you can effectively reach out to all of those people online if your business is effectively advertised on all the major platforms.

2.) Segmentation

The Internet is the easiest place to advertise directly to your market.  You can effectively target and segment your market without time on extra resources.

Free Advertising

Free Postings

Free advertising is a good choice is because it is becoming more widely accepted across the world. Today more people than ever before are reading free advertisements.

Wide Audience:

The free classified websites have thousands of users that visit them daily. This increases the chances of items being sold. Potential buyers will see the listings within minutes after they are posted.

Paid Advertising

There are several benefits to paid search advertising 

Paid Search is Highly Targeted

The straightforward tools for setting up a paid search advertising campaign makes it target your AD. 

See Immediate Results: 

The speed of attracting new website visitors to your offers is one of the things that makes paid search advertising such an attractive option.